A message from Ms. Sandy Hakala, President and CEO

Sandy Hakala, President and CEO
Sandy Hakala, President and CEO

Welcome to the next generation of Holdrege & Kull!
As we begin a new chapter in H&K history under different leadership, let me first say how grateful we are to you, our clients and strategic partners. You are the reason we exist and we are pleased that you are taking the time to visit our new website and see the exciting things that are happening at H&K.

Holdrege & Kull is an extraordinary company, with brilliant engineers and geologists, skillful field technicians, and dedicated support staff. I am proud to be the CEO of this remarkable company, and look forward to continuing and improving the traditions of client service that have made H&K the successful company it is today.

Before I began to write this message, I thought about the things that made H&K successful as a client service organization and as an employer. Those are the things I don’t want to change. The bottom line is obvious to me. It’s our people that make the difference. As I have met clients at various functions over the past weeks and months, nearly everyone I spoke to had great things to say about our people – their dedication, their commitment, their experience, their work ethic, their focus on the needs of our clients. Truly, we have a great team and work very hard to find the people that “fit” into our unique “dedicated yet adventurous” culture that so many people envy and want to join.

But, a self-reflection is not complete without identifying what we could do better. The things we need to change about ourselves and how we do business to achieve the exceptional performance I know we are capable of. One of the things I bring to H&K is an outsider and business-oriented perspective. My 30 plus years of accounting and consulting experience brings a fresh look at how we do things, and more importantly, how we can do things better to provide the best outcomes for our clients, strategic partners, and employees.

2016 has been a transitional year for H&K as we positioned ourselves for growth and efficiency:

  • We completed the implementation of our Project Management Software
  • We began new initiatives for staff development and training
  • We reorganized to better align our staff skills with client needs

2017 promises additional programs that continue our focus on client service:

  • Continued recruiting efforts to add to our pool of talented professionals so we can respond more quickly to your needs (by the way, if you know of anyone who is interested in joining our team, please give me a call!)
  • Greater attention on people and process controls that will positively impact how we work and communicate with you
  • Building and maintaining positive, authentic relationships with our clients, strategic partners, and staff

Yes, I am the new “H” in “H&K” (wish I could take credit for that, but that’s how I was introduced recently, and I liked it.) But, I hope you will agree that even though there has been a change at the top, the things you love about working with us have not changed…and that the changes we make behind the scenes convince you that H&K is indeed, an exceptional company.