Auburn Justice Center – Placer County, CA

This project for Placer County Department of Facility Services involved the removal and replacement of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of loose fill, characterization and disposal of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of hydrocarbon-impacted soil, construction of a roughly 129,000 s.f. justice center and ancillary building, grading of roughly 250,000 square feet of paved parking area, and construction of associated underground utilities and roadway improvements. Existing loose fill and stockpiled soil covered much of the central portion of the 10-acre site. Relatively shallow, resistant rock was encountered in other portions of the site which required blasting and/or unconventional excavation techniques. Earthwork included up to 15 feet of cut and fill, as well as deep trenching for utilities. Holdrege & Kull provided comprehensive geotechnical design services, construction quality assurance during earthwork, environmental services associated with the mitigation of hydrocarbon-impacted soil encountered during grading, and materials testing services during building construction.

H&K’s comprehensive special inspection and materials testing services included:

  • Review of plans and specifications for testing requirements
  • Distribution of reports on a daily basis and close coordination with the inspector of record during construction
  • Inspection and testing of reinforcing steel; verification of mill certifications and heat numbers in addition to bend and yield tests
  • Inspection and testing of concrete for foundations and floors, including slump, air content, strength, unit weight, and water cement ratios
  • Periodic batch plant inspections to observe batching procedures, review scale calibrations, and verify sand moisture
  • Visual inspection and coordination of non-destructive testing of structural steel sections at the fabricators shop in Sacramento
  • Visual inspection and non-destructive testing of the welded connections during erection of the structural steel
  • Verification that the A325 high strength bolts were tensioned in accordance with AISC specifications

In addition, H&K provided a running punch list of action items and prepared electronic field reports daily for distribution to the Placer County project manager.