Aukum View Dam – El Dorado County, CA

The Aukum View Dam retains a manmade lake surrounded by Showcase Ranches, a rural residential development. Seepage was observed daylighting at the downstream embankment of the earth dam during a routine inspection by the Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) in 2010. The cause of the seepage was determined to be rodent burrows on the upstream and downstream slopes of the dam. To reduce the risk of dam failure, DSOD directed Showcase Ranches Community Service District to re-engineer the spillway to lower the lake level below the level of seepage. This cost-prohibitive solution would have removed the lake from DSOD jurisdiction and, more importantly, resulted in aesthetic loss to the surrounding property owners.

Holdrege & Kull offered an alternative approach that allowed the lake to remain at its design level. The approach included removal of the damaged portion of the dam and the upstream shell of the embankment, then reworking the soil and regrading the embankment. H&K prepared the grading plan and soil placement specifications and methodology. DSOD approved the plans and specifications, and the repairs were made at costs far less than the re-engineered spillway would have been, without the need for lowering the lake level.