Bear River Canal Repairs – Placer County, CA

A portion of PG&E’s Bear River Canal failed in April 2011. Syblon Reid Contractors (SRC) and Neil’s Controlled Blasting (NCB) were hired to complete the repairs to the canal on a fast-track schedule to accommodate the upcoming irrigation season. The repair plan required NCB to install large-capacity tieback bolts into a concrete waler for the repairs. To provide access for equipment and personnel, Holdrege & Kull worked with NCB to design and construct a lightweight drilling platform and anchoring system.

Bear River Canal - Placer County, CA
Bear River Canal – Placer County, CA

Following an initial site visit, H&K prepared plans for the drilling platform, sized anchors, and worked with Sierra Metal Fabricators of Nevada City on the same day. Less than 48 hours from the initial site observation, the drilling platform was designed, constructed, delivered, and in use at the site, allowing drilling on the ½:1, horizontal:vertical, slope.