Brewer Road Bridge Replacements – Placer County, CA

Holdrege & Kull provided materials testing during replacement of the existing bridges at King Slough and Markham Ravine. The projects took place along Brewer Road between Nicolas Ave and East Catlett in southwestern Placer County. The project presented unique challenges due to the construction occurring within active waterways. The existing bridges were replaced by 40-foot to 50-foot precast, prestressed bridges supported by cast-in-drilled-hole concrete (CIDH) piles. The bridge deck surfaces were completed using a polyester concrete overlay process. Due to the active waterways and difficulties drilling the CIDH piles, H&K was relied upon to provide materials testers on short notice to facilitate the contractor’s schedule. At times, H&K provided materials testers on-site within 30 minutes of request.

Both projects required lime treatment as part of the subgrade preparation to facilitate the construction of the hot mix asphalt section. During lime treating operations, H&K scheduled multiple staff members with rotating schedules to minimize client cost during extended periods of construction.

H&K conducted materials testing and sampling related to structural fill, structural concrete and hot mix asphalt at both sites and batch plants as requested by the Resident Engineer in accordance with Caltrans, ASTM, and AASHTO standards to ensure that the quality of construction met project specifications.