Caltrans District 1

As a subconsultant to CALTROP Corporation, Holdrege & Kull is providing construction materials testing and inspection services to Caltrans District 1 via their 2013-2017 on-call contract. One of the projects requiring our services as part of the contract is the ongoing Highway 128 Smoot Sink Bridge Replacement. This area of Highway 128 has had recurring storm damage, continued movement of the slope, and various repairs over the last 30 years. As part of the proposed solution to reduce the need for recurring repairs, an extensive system of soil anchors and retaining walls was proposed. H&K provided resumes of several senior materials testers for review and use by the Resident Engineer as part of the selection process of staff to support Caltrans during construction on an as-needed basis.

During Phase II, H&K staff conducted materials testing and sampling of structural concrete and hot mix asphalt at the batch plant. In addition, H&K staff assisted the Resident Engineer at various times with tracking contractors and subcontractors on-site, including employees, hours worked, and equipment in use; monitoring of safety; documenting delivery of materials; confirming erosion control materials were in accordance with the plans and specifications; and providing assistance during the monitoring related to SWPPP activities. H&K materials testing services were completed within the established Caltrans field laboratory