Cook Riolo Bridge Replacement – Placer County, CA

This project replaced the existing 195-foot-long by 19.5-foot-wide structurally deficient bridge with a 350-foot-long by 52-foot-wide (two 12-foot traffic lanes, two 8-foot shoulders, 10-foot pedestrian/ bikeway) cast in-place bridge that meets current standards for scour and flood protection while improving safety. The project was located on Cook Riolo Road at Dry Creek, approximately one mile south of Baseline Road in southwestern Placer County.

The first phase included constructing the western portion of the new structure while allowing traffic flow to continue on the existing bridge. The second phase involved moving traffic to the new western portion of the bridge to allow the existing bridge to be removed and the second half of the new bridge to be constructed. The project’s $7.9 million construction cost was funded primarily with Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) funding using 89 percent federal money and an 11 percent local match.

During phases I and II, H&K conducted materials testing and sampling of structural fill, structural concrete, and hot mix asphalt at both the site and the batch plant, as requested by the Resident Engineer. H&K adhered to Caltrans and AASHTO test methods to ensure that construction quality met project specifications. Due to high traffic volumes and the limited work area, work was often completed outside of normal business hours.