Martis Valley Multi-Purpose Trail – Truckee, CA

Holdrege & Kull provided geotechnical engineering and Best Management Practice (BMP) design for this Class I paved, multi-use trail that will provide a regional connection between existing trails in the Town of Truckee and trails in the Lake Tahoe Basin. H&K explored and evaluated subsurface conditions along Segment 1 of the trail and designed low impact development (LID) BMP features in order to protect water quality and surrounding habitat. LID is a storm water management and land development strategy applied at the parcel scale that emphasizes conservation and use of on-site features integrated with engineered and small scale hydrologic controls to more closely mimic the natural hydrologic function. The proposed trail topography varies from gently sloping meadow and riparian land to moderately steep mountainous terrain. The project crosses over residential, undeveloped recreational land, Highway 267, and the Northstar golf course. In addition to a paved, ten-foot trail with 2-foot unpaved shoulders, the trail design included pedestrian bridges, culverts, and elevated boardwalks where the trail route crosses existing streams, small drainages and/or wet areas. H&K also provided materials testing and inspection services during construction of Segment 1B of the trail in 2015