Ophir Road Pipeline – Placer County, CA

Holdrege & Kull completed materials testing and special inspection services during construction of this pipeline project that ran between the Placer County Water Agency’s Ophir Road Pump Station and the town of Newcastle. The project involved installation of approximately 4,920 feet of 60-inch treated water pipeline, 6,415 feet of 45-inch raw water pipeline, 210 feet of 39-inch raw water pipeline, 9,795 feet of 18-inch treated water pipeline, and 6,338 feet of 12-inch treated water pipeline. The project included clearing and grubbing; borings beneath Interstate 80 and Union Pacific Railroad; paving, grading and fencing; underground piping installed both within and outside of pavement areas; excavation, backfill, and compaction; controlled low-strength material (CLSM) backfill; and miscellaneous concrete structures.

H&K performed materials testing of trench backfill soil, CLSM, and concrete. Construction fell under the jurisdiction of multiple entities, including PCWA, Placer County Development Resource Agency, Caltrans, and Union Pacific Railroad. As such, H&K performed testing in accordance with Caltrans and ASTM standards. H&K performed quick turnaround of field samples in its laboratory and performed laboratory testing at the project site to minimize project delays and provide expedited test results. H&K also helped to save costs by simultaneously providing services for both Placer County and PCWA, reducing the need for an additional materials tester. To streamline distribution of test results, H&K established an FTP site for involved parties to access project documents.