Tahoe Forest Hospital District Measure C – Truckee, CA

In late 2007 the Board of Directors of Tahoe Forest Hospital District embarked on a planning process to defi ne the capital and facility needs of the District for the next 20 years. This endeavor resulted in a $98.5 million bond issue to fund numerous projects at the hospital.

H&K provided geotechnical engineering and design and is continuing to provide construction materials testing and special inspection for several projects, including the 34,000-square-foot, two-story Cancer Center; expanded Emergency Department; an expended Central Energy Plant; a Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facility; and Women and Infant’s Health Department (totaling over 80,000 square feet). The structures include large spread foundations and large diameter drilled piers, braced frame steel structures with slab-on-grade concrete fl oor and concrete-on-metal deck second fl oors and roofs, roof mounted HVAC, thin brick veneer exterior façades, concrete sidewalks, and asphalt concrete paved parking areas.

H&K initially performed a geotechnical investigation and geologic hazards evaluation in accordance with the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), the California Geological Survey Note 48, and the 2007 California Building Code requirements. During construction, which began in July 2009 and is on-going, H&K performed materials testing and special inspection of the following:

  • Earthwork testing during grading following existing building demolition. Earthwork for site preparation included removal and re-routing of underground utility lines; preparation of subgrade soil and site grading; engineered fill placement; observation and inspection of the foundation excavations; backfilling of underground utility installations; jack and bore utility construction; and asphalt concrete paving for parking lots and access roads.
  • Special inspection of reinforcing steel for concrete. This included material identification, tagging and tracking to the site, in addition to sampling and conformance testing of rebar.
  • Special inspection, sampling, and testing of concrete for foundations and slab-on-grade interior, elevated, and exterior floors.
  • Special inspection of field and shop welding, including steel material identification, welders certifications, procedures, and filler materials in accordance with AWS D1.1. Structural steel included columns, beams, trusses, studs, and metal decking. Non-destructive ultra-sonic testing of welds during shop and field welding were performed.
  • Special Inspection and materials testing of high strength bolts during field erection of the steel framing using a calibrated Skidmore-Wilhelm.
  • Observation and inspection of the installation of post-installed concrete epoxy anchors and reinforcing dowels, and torque testing of wedge anchors.
  • Special inspection and load testing of post installed concrete ceiling anchors.
  • Special inspection during spray-applied fire-proofing and intumesant paint application. Sampling and testing of fire-proofing materials and application thickness were also performed.
  • Special inspection and materials testing of masonry components, such as CMU block and brick veneer.

Holdrege & Kull has provided significant value to the project. Being a local firm, we can respond to a fast-track construction schedule and provide personnel as the demand fluctuates.