The New Bay Bridge Video – Yerba Buena Island, CA

During the summer of 2003 H&K provided shoring design for two deep foundations for the new Bay Bridge on Yerba Buena Island (YBI). Each foundation was approximately 70 x 70 x 90 feet deep and extended up to 30 feet below sea level. Explosives had to be transported to YBI by crew boat, as they could not be transported by vehicle over the existing Bay Bridge. This short video, cut to the music theme from Mission Impossible, shows a series of blasting events, some major league excavation equipment and cranes, and a few of the dedicated construction workers that helped dig these deep foundation. West Bay Builder is the prime contractor, Neil’s Control Blasting is the blasting contractor. H&K’s Jeff Cox was the on-site geologist and videographer. Mr. Chuck Kull, CEG, GE was the project manager. Total Running Time = 3′ – 26″