Trout Creek Restoration – Truckee, CA

The Trout Creek stream channel passes through the northern edge of downtown Truckee and the Truckee Railyard. The restoration project widened, re-aligned, and reconstructed the stream channel to improve stability and stream capacity for a 100-year storm event. The project included the removal of an existing narrow concrete flume, deepening and widening of the creek channel, and installation of below-grade rock weir grade control structures. Other project elements included installation of a bed channel boulder and cobble substrate, stream bank revegetation, creek channel slope protection with 15-foot high dry-stacked walls, and replacement of an existing concrete box culvert. The new bridge has a clear span of approximately 30 feet, with no supporting piers or columns constructed within Trout Creek. Instead, support for the span is provided by cast-in-place concrete abutments with wing walls. Approximately 75,000 cubic yards of material were excavated as part of the restoration project, with course gravel and cobbles reused during channel construction.

H&K provided geotechnical engineering design services for the project, classifying subsurface soil, rock, and groundwater conditions in the area of proposed improvements. H&K evaluated percentage of cobbles, mean particle size, specific gravity of the cobbles, angle of repose, and shape of cobbles. H&K also provided geotechnical engineering design criteria for bridge abutments and channel stabilization structures. During construction, H&K provided earthwork observation, materials testing, and special inspection services